November Women's



Raise your Vibrations

Friday 24th November

7pm to 10pm

"We rise together"

"A woman that heals herself, heals the world"

Amid the global conflicts and unrest, it's hard not to feel the effects, even from a distance. We're talking about those emotional, energetic, physical, and even spiritual impacts.

Sure, as an individual, it might seem like your contribution is minuscule in the grand scheme of things.

But here's the amazing part: the power of a single woman's journey to self-improvement can have a profound impact on not just herself, but also her family and community. I see this in our community and I have led this for the last 3 years of her_TRYBE.

So, how about we come together for an evening dedicated to uplifting practices?

Ready to raise your vibration!

This final circle for 2023 is all about helping you raise your own energy, your own vibration, and, in turn, influence those around you positively.

Imagine the difference it could make, not just in your life but in your whole community. This is your chance to be part of something truly special and transformative!

What is your vibration?

  • Your vibration is your energy frequency, people feel it and it's what draws life to you!

  • When our vibration is low, we will attract low vibration experiences, people situations.

  • When our vibration is high, we will attract high vibration experiences, people and situations.

What contributes to low vibration:

  • Stuck negative emotions in the body (leading to regularly feeling anxious or overwhelm).

  • Regularly focusing on difficult situations and feeling disempowered.

  • Negative self-talk/ Minimizing your talents and accomplishments.

  • Seeing yourself as not as worthy of others.

  • Lack of self-care.

  • Time with others or in environments that not healthy for you.

  • Being in a role or career that is unfulfilling, highly stressful or demanding.

What contributes to High vibration:

  • Shifting negative emotions through acknowledging, feeling and somatic movement

  • Connection and Love

  • Time with aligned people

  • Time in Nature

  • Self-care and self-love

  • Meeting your needs and desires

  • Distance from people, environments that are not in alignment to your values

  • Healthy Life choices

What your night Includes

  • Connection and Sharing Circle

  • Embody Movement Practice

  • High Vibes Breathwork and Meditation

  • Herbal Tea

When: Friday 24 November 2023

7pm to 10pm

Where: Black Mat Yoga Eltham

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What is her_TRYBE ?

Founded by Mira Claudia, her_TRYBE is a space of equality and non judgment, where women can feel seen, heard, loved, supported, energised and inspired.

Our mission is to re-create a true sense of community through facilitating women’s circles and events for women. Women’s circles are an ancient ritual that has evolved over centuries, however greatly lost in the modern world.

her_TRYBE is a modern ideation of the traditional women’s circle. In circle you can be all of you, just as you are, you can share exactly where you are at, your challenges, your triumphs, your tears, your joy. A place of safety where you arrive just as you are with no need to wear any of the hats, the roles you play in your life.

Your Investment $45

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Who is Mira Claudia

Mindset & Confidence Coach and Founder of her_TRYBE

After a life upside down moment, in 2017, leading to the end of her marriage and her worst fear imagined of becoming a single parent. Mira set about reclaiming her life.

She realized how much she had identified with her roles, mother, wife, support person to the family business and how much this had led to a loss of herself.

Through her healing journey, she found the tools and modalities that helped her thrive instead of just survive. She uncovered her strengths as a coach, community builder and energetic space holder.

In healing herself, Mira saw the ripple effect of the healing journey on her children, family and community.

She founded her_TRYBE in 2021 with the first Women's Circle, driven by her mission, to help 1000’s of women rediscover their self-identity, self-power and self-confidence and value in the world. Lead by her belief that...

"A woman that heals herself, heals the world".

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