Rise and Bloom - Spring Circle

A season of new beginnings, renewal and growth, a chance to start anew.

The change in seasons reminds us of the cycle of life: birth, growth, death, rebirth. As one season ends, a new one begins.

As women, we too follow this cycle, journeying through different seasons in life — stages from maiden to mother to wise woman.

Each season serves us in some way, yet there comes a time when we are ready for the next!

Are you ready to shed some winter layers of the past and emerge into this next season?

Spring brings an opportunity to spring clean all areas of our life — our emotional, mental, and physical aspects.

To birth the new, to begin again, we need to let go and release the past.

What has been with you for long enough?

What are you ready to release so you can start afresh?

In this month's circle, we will draw on the four elements — water, air, fire, and earth — to journey through closing the winter season and setting intentions for birthing the upcoming spring season in our lives.

You will be welcomed by our beautiful community of like-minded women who value true connection, open-hearted conversation, and an intention to embrace all that life has to offer.

What your night Includes

  • Connection and Sharing Circle

  • Fire Release Ceremony

  • Embodiment Movement Practice

  • Nourishing Cacao

  • Guided Vision Meditation

When: Friday 8 September 23

7pm to 10pm

Where: Saint Margaret's Anglican Church

Pitt St, Eltham VIC 3095, Australia

Your Investment


What is her_TRYBE ?

her_TRYBE is a space of equality and non judgment, where women can feel seen, heard, loved, supported, energised and inspired. Our mission is to re-create a true sense of community through facilitating women’s circles and events for women. Women’s circles are an ancient ritual that has evolved over centuries, however greatly lost in the modern world.

her_TRYBE is a modern ideation of the traditional women’s circle. In circle you can be all of you, just as you are, you can share exactly where you are at, your challenges, your triumphs, your tears, your joy. A place of safety where you arrive just as you are with no need to wear any of the hats, the roles you play in your life.

Your Investment


Refund Policy

No refund within 24 hours of the event, if you are unwell and unable to attend due to illness. Contact us directly if this applies.

Who is Mira Claudia?

After a life upside down moment, in 2017, leading to the end of her marriage and her worst fear imagined of becoming a single parent. Mira set about reclaiming her life.

She realized how much she had identified with her roles, mother, wife, support person to the family business and how much this had led to a loss of herself.

Through her healing journey, she found the tools and modalities that helped her thrive instead of just survive. She uncovered her strengths as a coach, community builder and energetic space holder.

In healing herself, Mira saw the ripple effect of the healing journey on her children, family and community.

She founded her_TRYBE in 2021 with the first Women's Circle driven by her mission, to help 1000’s of women rediscover their self-identity, self-power and self-confidence in their strengths and value in the world. Lead by her belief that...

"A woman that heals herself, heals the world".

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